I am a Research Software Engineer for Research Computing at Stanford University. I specialize in system engineering, infrastructure development, and scientific computational analyses and workflows. While my graduate training is in image processing and neuroinformatics, my current interest and obsession is building tools at the intersection of cloud, container, and HPC technologies. I am the primary developer at Stanford for Singularity, and lead developer of Singularity Hub, a framework optimized for deployment of container-based workflows and "science as a service" capabilities. For Stanford my primary goal is provide support for Research Applications. I am an advocate for open source development and Linux. My work is challenging, fun, and I only wish I had more hours in the day to build the things that I dream of. Rawr the Vanessasaurus!

As a graduate student my work spanned computer science, medicine, and imaging. I was a proud member of the Poldrack Lab at Stanford. Our work spanned neuro-informatics, cognitive neuroscience, and reproducibility. I was introduced to the domain of neuroimaging as an RA in the Laboratory of Neurogenetics at Duke University working under Ahmad Hariri.

The qualities of experience that are most fulfilling to me are making things work, organizing and understanding new processes, and creating efficiency and beauty in design. I love learning, programming and debugging, and I have vision for how I want the future to be. I am adamant about pursuing the things that make me happy, today and now. A successful life means confidence in a future vision and happiness in the present.

While this is primarily a personal site, most of my life can be found on [github], current exploration is under [rawr], and a general list of work under [portfolio]. During graduate school I maintained a space for exploration of methods and data [1], as well as pre-graduate school documentation and work [2]. Contact information and is available upon request.